Excel is a brilliant tool for gathering, managing and analysing data but most of us only every use a tiny percentage of all the tools on offer in Excel.

Our bite-sized series helps you take a clear pathway to learning the essential skills you need to use Excel for data management, analysis and presentation at your small charity or community organisation.  We advise that you start at the beginning and follow through the whole programme as each stage builds on the last but if you already have some Excel skills under your belt, read through the session descriptions below and work out which one would suit you best as a starting point.


Excel Bitsize 1 visual

Excel Bitesize 1: Managing your data

  • Understanding the Excel ribbon & what's available
  • Working with Excel sheets (adding, moving, renaming, colour coding & framing)
  • Adding & formatting tables
  • Sorting & filtering data
  • Adding slicers (visual filters)
  • Calculated columns and totals
  • Printing 

Excel Bitesize 2: Creating a workable data set

  • Conditional formatting
  • Identifying & removing duplicates
  • Data validation & pick lists
  • Standardising data formats
  • Using formulas to clean, correct & manipulate data

Excel Bitesize 3: Analysing your data

  • Working with Pivot tables
  • Formulas & Functions (such as CountIF and Vlookup)
  • Creating a summary page

Excel Bitesize 4: Interpreting & presenting your survey results

  • Analyse multiple choice questions
  • Summarise rating scales
  • Code open-ended survey questions

 Excel Bitesize 5: Creating a Dashboard

  • Creating pivot tables
  • Adding filters & sliders
  • Choosing & adding the right chart
  • Formatting your dashboard


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