Our data is one of our greatest assets. Our mission at Datawise is to help you unlock it. 

Datawise London helps small charities and voluntary organisations tackle the tough issues that Londoners face by learning how to make best use of data. It is hosted and led by Superhighways.

It helps you to be iterative, continually reshaping what you do day-by-day to better meet the needs of the people that matter to you. 

With a robust evidence base small organisations are also more likely to be heard and influence stakeholders and decision makers.

Whilst our first round of Cornerstone funded work (2019 - 2021) had a focus on delivering training, advice and practical support to help small charities develop data and digital skills they need to deliver the best possible activities and outcomes for local people.

Our second round of funding (2022 - 2025) enables us to focus on other aspects of systems change, with work looking at five overlapping strands:

  • Data journeys​
  • Data platforms and tools​
  • Data learning resources​
  • Data about the sector​
  • Peer to peer data spaces


Ven diagram showing all 4 strands overlapping with peer learning spaces at the overlap with each and a community of practice in the centre



The Datawise London partnership has brought together a range of expert organisations to both shape the strategic direction of the programme and deliver direct support where needed.

Datawise London partners



Superhighways, part of Kingston Voluntary Action, is one of only a small number of projects in London to receive funding from the Cornerstone Fund, a multi-funder initiative to test how civil society infrastructure could be jointly funded in London and apply a systems change approach.

We are grateful to City Bridge Trust, the funding arm of The City of London Corporation’s charity, Bridge House Estates, who are funding this work for both Round 1 and Round 2 of the Cornerstone Fund.

City Bridge Trust