Step-by-step instructions for working with data, factsheets, useful datasets and blogs

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Swamps, bridges and moving forward with data in small charities and community organisations.

Superhighways and Think Social Tech have launched a research report that asks how we can better support small charities move forward with data

A selection of resources to help you use Power BI to it's optimum

7 step process & tool kit for small charities tackling the need for a new database

A guide for creating local area profiles using charity commission & other data sources

Guidance on creating a custom dataset including what variables are available.

For Small Charity Week and London Data Week 2023, we are sharing five inspiring examples of small charities using their data to create change and further their vision.

Explore data from a range of sources on a map or tabular dashboard via our subscription to Local Insight

User friendly tools to help link up your data and automate repetitive tasks

Are low-code/no-code database tools the solution for small charities wanting a tailored but affordable database?

Exploring common paths, challenges and enabling factors as small charities start using data to shape services and influence change.

Working with CVSs to explore better access to and sharing of data about the sector

Our pick of the best tools to help you get started mapping your data as a small charity

Find out about the data visualisation tool Flourish - watch the session recording and access presentation slides

An introduction to wellbeing measurement tools commonly used by charities and community organisations

Find out about community engagement, equalities data and analysis plans, and the upcoming outputs consultation

We reframe data to think about ideas, expectations and stories using the Music Mentors case study

Guest blog highlighting headline figures for London, with comparisons by borough

An introduction to the results of this survey and how they are being used in combination with other intelligence to inform the pan-London response to COVID-19

London Poverty Profile website walk-through and presentation on the latest findings from Trust for London.

Find out more about the 'Below the Radar - exploring grants data for grassroots organisations' research and findings.

Find out about the Youth of Today report and how to access and explore this open data set.

Find out about the engagement approach, insights and impact from the GLA Community Engagement team.

Find out more about the Indices of Deprivation - the official measure of relative deprivation in England.

What will change in data protection, and what won't, after the UK fully leaves the EU?

Using Lava Lamp plots to explore deprivation and political control across London

What will change in data protection, and what won't, after the UK leaves the EU on 31st December 2020.

Most social change organisations aren't making much use of data at all. Giselle Cory, Executive Director at DataKind UK takes a look at some that are

Selecting and implementing a new data management system doesn't have to be mind scramble! Angela Schlenkhoff-Hus from Coalition for Efficiency talks us through their experience

A review of the functions and affordability of a drag and drop, DIY database builder

What you need to think about when designing your survey and deciding on a platform that suits you best

Want to make effective use of your data? Statisticians for Society connects organisations with volunteer statisticians

Free advice, project set-up, resources and technology for charities and community groups

Implementing a fast and affordable solution to data challenges of going mobile.

Explore the terms through a small charity case study, with best practice tips

Forget robots - there are a range of small charities using the insights from data science to change lives

Paul Ticher explains what happens when the UK leaves the European Union. Available as a download

Jargon busting download with an Excel tutorial on how to explore them for your area

The basics of a Theory of Change and how can it be used by chariites and community organisations to plan their work