Borough profiles using charity data

A guide for creating local area profiles using charity commission & other data sources

In this stage of our journey looking at how we can support CVSs in London access data about the sector in their borough, we have been testing whether it's possible to put together a guide documenting the process we have taken in recent data dives with Kingston Voluntary Action and Tower Hamlets CVS.

Both CVSs were undertaking State of the Sector reports and we enlisted David Kane's help to access and explore Charity Commission data to provide local charity context alongside responses to a survey sent by the CVSs and completed by a sample of the local VCSE sector (including community groups and social enterprises in addition to registered charities.


Creating a step by step guide

We documented the process of extracting and filtering Charity Commission data as used above, and then set about putting together a step by step guide so this process could be repeated in subsequent years, or used in other boroughs or for other grouping of boroughs.  This included technical information setting out analysis steps using Excel (the application most likely to be used by non dedicated data roles) along with explanations of Charity Commission data fields defining how the data can be used.


Download the guide


Testing and next steps 

We are now testing whether in practice this could be used by local infrastructure organisations and other stakeholders interested in undertaking this exercise.  We'll be reporting back on our findings and next steps in the  coming months.