Understanding what people say: an introduction to qualitative data analysis

Most charities and social enterprises collect qualitative data, e.g. in the form of interviews, video or audio recordings, feedback forms or open-ended questions on surveys.

However, many small charities and community organisations struggle to analyse this data and draw learning and conclusions from it.

In this short, interactive session you’ll be introduced to tools and techniques to help you get started with qualitative data analysis.


What you will learn:

  • Turning ‘talk’ into data
  • Explaining what we mean by qualitative data analysis
  • Different analysis options available
  • Coding and analysing data
  • Free and affordable digital tools available to you


Who attends this session:

Anyone who works for a small charity or community organisation that is responsible for analysing comments and interviews gathered during the course of their work. It is beginners course. You do not need specific data analysis skills to take part. 


You will find this useful if you are:

  • Struggling to analyse survey text responses or recordings
  • Needing to draw themes from what multiple people have said to you
  • Hoping to clearly present your findings 


What happens next

Attendees are encouraged to attend other skills based training in the Datawise London learner pathway or access one-to-one support.

This is part of our bite-sized Qualitative Data series. Participants may find it useful to attend interviewing your beneficiaries, creating surveys and data ethics and consent prior to this course.


Current live online training

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Delivering this training to the people you work with

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