Creating Surveys: Tools and Best Practice

Most small charities and community organisations need to evaluate their activities and services to explore what is and isn't working, or explore topics of interest.

  • But are you asking the right questions?
  • Do you know what order you should write them in?
  • Or how your questions may be skewing your data?
  • And are you using a survey tool that's right for you?

In this session we'll show how you can build surveys in a way that will maximise your response quality and rates.

We'll also start to guide you through the vast and sometimes confusing array of online survey tools available to small organisations.


What you will learn:

In this session you'll discover how to...

  • Ensure the quality of the answers
  • Remove biases from questions so respondents feel they're giving the answer that's right for them
  • Encourage a good response rate
  • Assess whether a survey tool is right for you

 You'll also find out about the survey tools that are free and affordable.


Who attends this session:

This is an introductory session for staff, volunteers or trustees of small charities and community groups who want to explore how to better use surveys to gather data.


You will find this useful if you are:

  • Unsure how to ask questions in a clear and unbiased way
  • Considering how to ask difficult or sensitive questions
  • Deciding which survey tool to choose


What happens next

Attendees are encouraged to attend follow up skills based training in the Datawise London learner pathway or access one-to-one support.


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Delivering this training to the people you work with

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