Data Visualisation and Infographics for Beginners

Want to make your organisation's data stand out from the crowd but don't have the money or know-how to make it happen? Say goodbye to mountains of text and hello to visually exciting data.

Images are faster to process than words. Breaking up complex information into graphics (such as charts, icons or even large text) is both easier to understand and appealing for your funders, supporters and beneficiaries.

It's the perfect way to get your message across in the shortest time possible.

It can also help you to reveal patterns and observations not immediately apparent from reading statistics hidden in long paragraphs.


What you will learn:

  • The difference between data visualisations and infographics
  • Useful design tips
  • Free online tools to represent and share your data
  • How to create your first data visualisation
  • Planning your own data visualisations with key messages


Who attends this session:

Anyone who works for a small charity or community group that wants to communicate the numbers and stories of their work in a visually appealing way.


You will find this useful if you are:

  • Creating and sharing reports
  • Excited to make your information easier to understand
  • Someone who hasn't made any or many data visualisations in the past


What happens next

Attendees are encouraged to attend follow up skills based training in the Datawise London learner pathway or access one-to-one support.


Current live online training

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Delivering this training to the people you work with

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