Getting Started Putting Your Data on the Map

Do you collect post code data from your beneficiaries / clients?

Are you interested in analysing this geographical data against other internal or external data to spot trends, illustrate your reach or evidence gaps?

Robust, data informed decisions can help with your service planning and show what's already working to funders, commissioners and your key stakeholders.

It can also help you make the case for change and evidence need in your funding applications.

This training will introduce free, low cost and easy to use tools to get started putting your data on a map. After demoing a selection of tools you can use, you can practice mapping using case study data we provide using a free option.

You'll also find out about more advanced mapping tools, should you need to map more complex data in future.


What you will learn

You will discover how to:

  • Identify use cases for your organisation
  • Create a simple map using case study postcode data
  • Choose from a range of free and affordable mapping tools available to you

We offer follow up support when you start creating maps with your own organisational data.


Who attends this session

Anyone working in a small charity or community organisation in London, responsible for developing projects, monitoring and evaluating outcomes and designing services.


What happens next

Attendees are encouraged to attend follow up skills based training in the Datawise London learner pathway or access one-to-one support.


Current live online training

Look for and book your ticket for live training on Superhighways' Eventbrite page.


Delivering this training to the people you work with

Do small charities or community organisations you support need help with digital data collection?

If so, please get in touch with us to talk though your needs and ideas using the contact form below.


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