Stage 2 - Plan

You'll need someone to lead on the project to keep up momentum and hold all the information that is accrued.

By this we mean, all the things you learn about that will be hard or easy in your organisation, your list of ‘must haves’ and ‘nice ifs’, and eventually, what each database company can offer you.

You’ll need to be clear about the outcomes that you want to track so you know what data to collect. This could be using a Theory of Change approach or a simpler Monitoring and Evaluation framework - see the templates below to help you with this.

This is also the time to put in place any cultural or operational changes that will help you on your journey. This could include:

  • Getting everyone to understand the value of the database
  • Understanding any apprehensions and ensuring they are accounted for in the process
  • Getting people as involved as possible in the design of the database – building in this co-design approach will reap rewards later on
  • Reassuring people that it will help, not hinder their current practices


Image of an arrow pointing downwards to indicate a download  Theory of change template (Powerpoint file)

Image of an arrow pointing downwards to indicate a download  Monitoring & evaluation framework template (Powerpoint file)