Stage 7 - Implementation

This may sound like the end, but with a living, breathing database, there is no end! Once your database is rolled out and people are happy using it, it still needs care and attention.

You will have already assigned someone as the main Project Lead in Stage 2.

For most small charities and community groups this is unlikely to be a dedicated role, but should be written into someone’s job description to formalise it and allocate appropriate training.

It’s likely that this person will also be responsible for the following:

  • ensuring the database changes with you
  • checking data quality and consistency
  • adhering to GDPR procedures, such as gaining consent and deleting personal information on request.

So in order to do this, system functionality should be considered at all stages of new service / project development.

A well-functioning database that continues to be fit for purpose, requires tender loving care!



Get in touch with us if you have a suggestion for additional databases to compare or have experiences (good or bad!) to share.

Learn from Home Start Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow's experience of implementing a database and the benefits it brought to their organisation in this short YouTube video.